A World of Dungeons

5th Edition DnD

This campaign officially welcomes and encourages brand new players to join. Do not be discouraged if you have no experience, the GM is willing to help you learn!

This campaign is specifically designed to play with both newbies and old-bees. Whether you’re learning to play DnD or you’ve got a few campaigns under your belt, be ready to jump into a weird world where dungeons have feelings and adventuring is both a hobby and a viable career.

You are adventurers, newbie dungeon divers without a quest, coin, or battle to your name. After many days, months, and years it’s taken for you to go through those boring pre-requisite classes and so many orientations, you’re finally ready for in-field training in The Mother’s Dungeon. But trouble looms over the horizon in ways that an everyday dungeon diver cannot overcome. In a world where dragons are extinct, orcs don’t exist, and adventuring is a 9 to 5 job; what happens when this world’s meaning of chaos comes out to play?

Welcome to my world and welcome to DnD.

This campaign is sponsored by the Tabletop Gaming Club at the University of Texas at Dallas. Membership is restricted to members of the club and students at the campus.

A World of Dungeons